NOC Monitoring Services: Global Smart Hands Support is the Hero

NOC Monitoring Services

NOC Monitoring Services for Tele-Communication service providers

During the pandemic, a company that had physical offices closed was able to transfer their entire on-site team to work from home in just a few days. Having a cloud environment and digital workflow in place enabled them to seamlessly support their agents from anywhere.

Another CSP experienced a much more difficult transition. The company’s people and processes were entirely controlled by a physical workplace. Eventually, they had to close their existing call center and open a virtual call center with new staff and processes.

This illustrates the need for flexibility and fast transition of elements of the telecommunications industry, which can be enabled by digital workflows.

The connection between customers, service providers, and NOCs

Today, the challenge is creating proactive service experiences that connect the customer, care organization, and network operations center.

Assume you’re the chief information officer of a large company during a major outage. There is nothing worse than being in the dark, not knowing what’s going on and when the outage will end. Imagine if, instead of having to call around for answers when an outage happens, you began to receive texts regarding when the service will be restored and suggestions for workarounds.

Contacting customer service gives you quick answers and an estimate of how long it will take to fix the issue. In the meantime, the NOC team can manage the affected services within the operator and monitor the SLA burn as they resolve the network outage.

It is a perfect example of proactive service, and it has quickly become the gold standard for successful telecommunications companies. This is only possible when the NOC, with its information on network monitoring and network inventory, can provide the relevant outage information to customer care, which can then alert the customer in real-time.

A look inside a network operations center’s monitoring services

Our network operations center (NOC) offering is called Global Smart Hands Support at ExtNoc. Our NOC is a fully secured, dedicated facility with restricted access via facial recognition, as well as an isolated HVAC system and generator backup. Our corporate headquarters in New Jersey houses this highly secure facility.

We have dedicated experts to remotely monitor and troubleshoot the communication, security, and network technologies that make up our client’s business infrastructure – often proactively troubleshooting technology issues before they develop into a serious problem.

Keeping our clients’ critical systems operating is essential to ensuring their success. We do this by monitoring and analyzing technology incidents in advance.

Our engineers pinpoint system outages and downtime by identifying patterns and trends within the network and technology data that may be causing degradations or failures.

Using Proactive Monitoring Services, we will recognize a possible problem before it becomes a major disruption to the client’s technology.

What Proactive NOC Monitoring Services means for clients

Our clients appreciate the fact that we assess their technology issues quickly and address them ASAP using remote technology.

Previously, when a client had an issue, the technicians would be extremely busy the next day; we would roll a truck the next day and fix the problem 24 hours later.

We can now respond quickly to a problem that has arisen or, in many instances, fixes it before an issue occurs.

As a result of the pandemic, the value of remote network operations centers has been amplified. In addition to providing a better, more proactive service that is documented, we don’t enter client facilities when it’s too uncomfortable for us to be there.

Since ExtNoc is a global service provider and operator, we always have the capability of dispatching a technician to a client location.

As part of our seamless escalation process, Global Smart Hands Support works in tandem with the service department whenever an on-site presence is required.

A look inside the NOC Monitoring Service planning process

Our success was driven by understanding our client’s needs, vetting a technology platform, and creating standards.

It refers to setting policies and procedures that everyone in the organization must adhere to consistently. Launching such a program requires a lot of legwork upfront.

If you have an IP video solution costing $100,000, you would have many IP endpoints and servers. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline on our part to properly document that system before the equipment leaves the building.

With our NOC in place, we spend more time on documentation on the front end, but in the long run, it saves us time. Network operations center personnel will be able to support the system once all documentation is in place and the system has been deployed.

We had to learn a lot through that process.

How it affects NOC business revenue

Our estimating package includes Global Smart Hands Support as a field service. Our top-line revenue has increased immediately and significantly having offered Remote Response and Proactive Monitoring options as an option when we sell new systems.

Moreover, recurring revenue is affected significantly.

From both a revenue and client solutions standpoint, this was a positive development for the company.

It is important to listen to your clients when rolling out something like this, create solutions that meet their needs, and adapt policies, procedures, and discipline accordingly; finding the right experts and managers is the most challenging. Compared to technology, this should be straightforward.