Lifeguard Course With History of Swimming Pool

Lifeguard Course

Veenhuizen swimming pool is located at Hoofdweg 80 with a lifeguard course. Many Veenhuizen still have beautiful memories of that bath. The inmates dug the pool, the officials’ children learned to swim there, and a nurse who had experience as a lifeguard supervised.

Improved Swimming Pool

In 1935-36 the swimming pool was improved for the lifeguard course. The swimming pool was given a jumping tower and changing rooms and the officials set up a swimming club. The swimming club provided a lifeguard who supervised and gave swimming lessons. The basin walls were made of wooden poles up to 1.00 meters below ground level.

Above this was a concrete wall as a retaining wall and basin wall. The deep basin was 21 x 40 meters and separated by a wooden bridge from the shallow basin which had a size of 15 x 15 meters. Before the opening in each season, several loads of sand were spread over the bottom of the shallow basin, the deep basin had a muddy bottom with lush vegetation and in which hundreds of fish lived.

On June 17, 1936, a board consisting of seven members was elected and the bath was festively opened on June 20 by the wife of the then chief director Wieners for the lifeguard course. The contribution was set at f 1.50 per family for the entire summer season. The first lifeguard course received a wage of 18.00 per week. The number of members was 183 families.

Training to become a lifeguard

The water was withdrawn from the Kolonievaart. When this was no longer justifiable, two iron removal basins were constructed on the site of the current car park. These basins were supplied with pumped-up groundwater and after this water had been exposed to sunlight for a few days, it could be supplied via a system of gutters to refresh the bathing water.

Before that, the pool was little more than a small pool dug by the inmates. A nurse or former Indian man gave the children swimming lessons for the lifeguard course. The patient was wearing a white suit. When in 1936, at the end of the swimming season, some pranksters threw the lifeguard into the pool, it turned out that the lifeguard himself could not swim at all. Since that time, only a real lifeguard has been appointed in Veenhuizen.

Lifeguard/Supervisor training

In 1969 the swimming pool was due for a new makeover. The basin walls fell into disrepair to such an extent that longer use was no longer justified. New basins, a competition pool, and a recreational pool were built on the same site. Slightly smaller, but more modern lifeguard course. The turbid water from the Kolonievaart was replaced by clear and heated tap water. It remained available only to the officials and their families, so it was not a public swimming pool.

From 1955, it was turned a blind eye that not only “persons who belong to Veenhuizen as far as church and school are concerned” are admitted, but that people from outside the village are also welcome due to finances. That decision is maintained to this day, (no longer turning a blind eye), making it now a public swimming pool. The swimming pool is attracting guests in increasing numbers. The small scale and friendly atmosphere are widely praised.

In 1984 there was a moment of uncertainty about the continued existence of the swimming pool because the closeness of the prison village of Veenhuizen was lifted and the swimming pool no longer fell under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice in lifeguard course. In 1992, the Justice Swimming Pool was taken over by the Veenhuizen Swimming Pool Foundation with a lifeguard course. The foundation and the population then campaigned together to generate funds to keep the bath open. To date, this is still possible, thanks in part to an annual subsidy from the Noordenveld municipality.

Become a lifeguard

Do you want a varied job and do you like working with people? Then follow the part-time lifeguard training and lifeguard course. The lifeguard supervises the pool with a lifeguard course, gives swimming lessons for the ABC diploma, and/or provides water activities for special target groups. This makes the profession of lifeguard versatile.

You become a lifeguard by first following the Lifeguard/Supervision or ABC Swim Instructor training with the lifeguard course. The Lifeguard/Supervision training lasts about 4 months and after completion, you are authorized to supervise in a swimming pool for a lifeguard course. The ABC Swimming Instructor training takes about 9 months and after completion, you are authorized to give swimming lessons to children or adults. So you can get started quickly if you want to become a lifeguard.

This vocational training is therefore a special opportunity for returners or people who want to make a career switch!

The lifeguard course starts twice a year in March and October. The National Vocational Training for Swimming Education (NBZ) is a national training institute for lifeguard courses. This vocational training can therefore also be followed in your region.

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  2. ABC Swim Instructor
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  4. Lifeguard/Supervisor training
  5. View our online information session, an extensive presentation to give you more information about working in a swimming pool, and our ABC Swim Instructor training.

An important figure

The now 64-year-old lifeguard has been employed by Lace for at least 43 years and, according to Renee, has now become a real household name. , He still teaches children of 4, 5, and 6 years old, but he has also taught their parents to swim. He also provides group lessons for the elderly. He knows a lot of people and has become a really important figure within the municipality.”

And such an important figure deserves a big goodbye. But corona throws a spanner in the works in the lifeguard course. Regular groups and customers have stopped by in recent days to thank Nico and say goodbye. A big party is not in it, but tonight there will be a small farewell drink with colleagues, one and a half meters away from the lifeguard course. “We can’t just let this pass. Nico actually doesn’t like to be put in the spotlight, but he definitely deserves this!”

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