GPS Tracking Device for Kids | Vital Points You Should Know Before Purchase


Whether you’re trying to find a kid’s GPS tracking watch or a GPS tracking device, you can conceal it in a pocket and know the essentials before buying.

The best GPS tracker is comfortable & fun for kids to use, durable enough to last all the time, and accurate in its readings. Here’re a couple of things to remember.

User-friendliness: Choose a tracker that’s simple for you and your child to utilize. It should not disrupt their series of movements or get in the method.

Age variety: Check the recommended age range on any tracker you’re thinking about that. Some have anti-tamper functions for older kids. If you feel stressed, they will eliminate it.

Toughness: Kids play rough, making sure their tracker can hold up against all the roughhousing, horseplay, and threats kids can throw at it. Search for waterproof models that can handle puddles and spills too.

Range: Not all GPS devices are equal. If your kids visit somewhere out of state when Bluetooth gadgets are for close variety, those that utilize cellular 4G LTE tracking can handle long-range connections.

Notifications and alerts: Seek for a device with adjustable settings to avoid false alarms or blowing up your phone. Your device should be customizable to let you look at your kids when you desire and inform you when there’s the difficulty.

Panic button: Some kid’s GPS gadgets feature a panic button that lets your child alert you when something’s incorrect, or they need assistance.

Two-way communication: This feature lets you talk to your child through their tracker like an intercom, so you may ask them where they are or if they need aid.

Games: Features like video games and step counters offer kids more motivation to wear their tracker. After all, the device isn’t valuable if your child doesn’t wish to wear or utilize it. Ensure the games aren’t too distracting.

Real-time tracking: When you require to know where your child is, this is the essential function. You can change your tracker’s app settings to send an upgraded area to you every minute to every fifteen minutes.

Moms and dad study stats

How frequently do moms and dads misplace their kids?

Parenting can seem like rounding up felines, especially throughout household outings to places like amusement parks or festivals. It’s challenging to keep up with your kiddos, even when you’re on the lookout.

We asked 400 moms and dads with kids between ages 3 and 12 about their experiences keeping an eye on their kids. We found that it’s pretty typical for kids to slip out of sight.

22% of the parents we surveyed lost track of their children for at least an hour. Which number almost triples for moms and dads of kids with special requirements.

Secret findings of a kids GPS tracker

Here’s what we learned:

  • 61% of parents report are stressing most about losing their child in large crowds such as parades and celebrations.
  • When their kids hang out with good friends, 14% of parents say they stress most about losing their child.
  • 13% of moms and dads report that they worry most about losing their child while taking a trip.
  • 96% of parents say that their kids would be OKAY with parents understanding where they are at all times.
  • 94% of moms and dads state that their kids would wish to know where a mom and dad is at infinity.

As kids age, they’ll wish to explore on their own, hang out with friends, and participate in school functions alone.

Our study revealed that 12 and 13 were substantial years for the typical child in terms of independence. The ordinary age of kids when parents offered them cell phones was 12. And 13 is the average age moms and dads would let kids stroll to school alone.

What can you do to keep much better track of your kids?

So how can you keep your little kids safe when they roam around? Start by telling your kids about what type of adults they can rely on, like emergency responders, employees, or event officials (if you’re at a shop or amusement park).

Prepare a meeting spot that’s easy to discover and remember if you get separated. And when you’re at the house, make sure they know the rules around communicating their location and what to do if they change their plans.

We likewise advise kids’ GPS trackers and smartwatches. Brands like AngelSense deal with parents of kids with special requirements with sensory-sensitive wearables, while other trackers like the GizmoWatch mimic adult smartwatches.

If you lose kids in a crowd, these and other leading GPS trackers for kids let you monitor your child’s place and can even sound an alarm.

GPS trackers for kids FAQ

Q: Why would a kid need a GPS tracker?

Ans: While helicopter parenting is hardly ever essential, some cases call for providing your child a GPS tracker. For example, a GPS device can assist parents with kids who live in several families or have particular requirements to keep tabs on their location. Toddlers and little tykes might also gain from a bit of tracker on their shoelaces or clothing in crowded places.

Q: Are GPS trackers safe for kids?

Ans: GPS trackers use the same technology we’ve in our phones. Bluetooth, cellular signals, and GPS locating are the main techniques these devices use.

Q: How typically do I need to alter my kids’ GPS trackers?

Ans: Most charges last for a couple of days. Charge it at night when they go home, just like you would charge your cell phone if you plan to utilize a tracker every day.

Q: What is Geofencing?

Ans: Geofencing is a function discovered in several types of GPS trackers. It permits you to draw digital boundaries around relied-on areas like homes, neighborhoods, and schools. When your child leaves or goes into that location, you’ll get a notice.

Features like GEOfences, mobile app signals, activity tracking, GPS trackers for kids make family trips, and their solo experiences are a little safer. These simple GPS tracker devices provide you the self-confidence to let your child explore their world at a young age.