10 Day Digital Marketing Challenges For Small Business


A Digital Marketing Challenges for 21 Days

Welcome to the 21-day digital marketing challenge. Whether you are a solidified digital marketing veteran or a total rookie, we all require a bit of assistance from time to time. That’s why I produced this day-by-day challenge to assist you in making the best digital marketing techniques from scratch in merely 21 days.

These actions aren’t always in sequential order, and, in truth, it does not truly matter what order you finish them in. The point is to break down something frustrating, like developing a marketing strategy, into workable and small bite-sized pieces.

You’ll need to complete one marketing job every day. Although, do not let me stop you from skipping ahead and marking off several tasks a day. I’ve just provided the framework. How you finish the difficulty is up to you.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 1: Competitor Research

There’s more you can learn from studying your rivals. From working out why they’re outranking you and developing brand-new post ideas to coming up with brand-new item offers and marketing ideas for your social and PPC advertisements, spying on rivals can cause some big wins.

I extremely recommend utilizing Ubersuggest (and the accompanying free Chrome extension) if you desire to outrank your competitors. When you enter a rival’s domain into the search bar, you’ll immediately have the ability to see important info like their top-performing keywords, best pages, and backlinks.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 2: Audit the material of Your Website

All of us know that Google enjoys fresh, appropriate material. That’s why it’s vital to run a content audit of your site every six months or so to determine articles or pages that require to be removed or upgraded.

Begin by making a list of your site’s pages. You can do this by hand or utilize a tool like Screaming or any other to perform it for you.

You may ignore core pages like your homepage, service pages. However, you’ll wish to go through every other page of your website in turn and keep an eye out for concerns like:

  • Thin content
  • Out of date content
  • Duplicate material
  • Gaps in your content
  • Missing meta information

Next, prioritize pages to update. You won’t have the ability to do whatever simultaneously, so it’s essential to initially concentrate on the vital pages.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 3: Perform Keyword Research

The excellent keyword research study is the foundation of any successful internet marketing campaign. You want to discover two things:

  • 1. What your audience is looking for
  • 2. How to rank for those terms

You most likely currently have a good idea of the keywords you wish to rank for that. However, do you understand every keyword your audience is using? Probably not.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 4: Fix and identify SEO Issues

When executing a killer marketing strategy, the last thing you desire is for rookie SEO mistakes to hold you back.

You’ll require to discover them. The most convenient way to find SEO issues is by using Screaming Frog. Just download the device and enter your website into the search bar.

Shouting Frog will then crawl every page of your website and report back on almost every crucial on-page metric there is. You’ll have the ability to find the following:

  • 04 pages
  • Duplicate material
  • Thin material
  • Issues with meta information
  • H1 and H2 concerns
  • Pages that do not index
  • Much, much more

Go through each classification, noting the upsetting pages, and after that, focus on the repair work.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 5: Build a Backlink Strategy

Making premium backlinks is one of the most effective things you can do to enhance your SEO. That’s why it’s vital to implement a repeatable and transparent backlink method.

There are lots of strategies for making backlinks to your site. However, I prefer to concentrate on specific, repeatable approaches.

The first is creating high-rise building material. Started by Brian Dean of Backlinko, skyscraper content is measurably much better than anything else discovered on the internet. The idea is that you select a reasonably competitive keyword and create the best short article on that given subject.

Once it’s released, connect to sites that relate to the material currently ranked for your topic and inquire to link to your (far better) version instead.

The second is producing an infographic. Everyone loves sharing infographics since that is an easy, visual way to understand pretty much any subject. Develop your infographic about something interesting in your niche and reach out to other blog sites to share it.

You can sign up for HARO. That stands for assistance a Reporter Out. Every day they’ll send out a list of journalists trying to find info on various topics. If you’ve something relevant to say, you may respond and get a backlink as acknowledgment if a reporter selects you.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 6: Update Your Previous Content

Now, as you’ve done a content audit, it’s time to upgrade all the pages that ran out of date. Out-of-date content is a big no-no in the eyes of Google and recommends that the material on your site may not best serve the users.

Repair this by making certain all of the content on your site is updated and relevant. I suggest beginning with material that is already ranking as Google has already shown this content matters.

If any material is out of date, update it with the most appropriate research study in your specific niche. Next, do new keyword research for each post to guarantee you are targeting the most suitable & searched-for keywords.

One word of warning: don’t get caught up upgrading content for the sake of it. If few pages on your website are no longer pertinent, you’re much better off deleting them and creating a 301 redirect to a better-suited page.

Digital Marketing challenge Day 7: Build an Email Marketing Campaign

Did you understand email marketing is one of the best ways to turn potential customers into customers? All it takes is developing an efficient project.

The initial step is to get permission to email individuals. You can accomplish this by providing a guide or resource away free in return for a user’s e-mail or just by assuring excellent content.

When you build an e-mail list, you need to follow up with regular, high-value e-mails that help your users solve their problems. You can eventually send out a couple of sales e-mails that point subscribers to among your items.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 8: Hire Quality Editors, Writers, and Subject Matter Experts

Your time is essential. You do not wish to compose recent blog posts when you also have an organization to run. That’s why it’s vital to hire premium writers and editors sooner rather than later.

Two of my preferred methods to discover authors and editors are Upwork and the Problogger job board. Make sure to vet each prospect thoroughly.

Signs of an excellent writer or editor include:

  • A portfolio of work
  • Client recommendations
  • A professional website
  • An articulate cover letter

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 9: Optimize the Social Media Accounts

Some individuals do not believe social networks are essential. They’re wrong.

Social media is among the easiest methods to develop a following and stay in touch with your fans. All of that is just possible if you have well-optimized social media accounts.

Select the social media accounts you desire to focus on that. I suggest utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for starters.

Next, fill out your profile entirely on each platform. Various platforms permit you to add various details. Where possible, include your:

  • Business name
  • URL.
  • Address.
  • Opening Hours.
  • Description of your service.

Digital Marketing Challenge Day 10- Write a Guest Blog.

Visitor blogging is an excellent method to build your authority and get backlinks naturally. It is best to make this a routine habit, but for now, let’s begin with a post.

The first step is to get guest posting opportunities. Specifically, you want to search for sites in your industry, have engaged readership, and accept guest posts.

An excellent way to discover these sites is to utilize Google searches with your keyword followed by “guest post” or “submit a visitor post.”.

Read each web site’s visitor publishing instructions carefully, then pitch three ideas to each. Make sure to clarify the advantages to their readers– not just what you leave it.

As soon as your pitch is accepted, only begin writing. That way, you do not need to worry about squandering your time.

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