Custom Kraft Boxes Unknown Facts | 3 Best Hacks

Custom Kraft Boxes
Custom Kraft Boxes

There are so many misconceptions about custom kraft boxes in the retail and the packaging world. A few unique things that every business entity requires packaging and display must know about custom kraft boxes.

1. Custom printed kraft boxes help save the planet

Did you know that littering is one of the major causes of the extinction of many species from the world? Everything that we consume comes in some packaging form. This packaging finds its way to the wastelands and the water bodies when dumped. As a result, they sit there giving off toxic gases and chemicals and choking off the supply of air and fresh nutrients for the living organisms living in the surrounding.

In worst cases, they eat away the mating areas and nests of the animals and birds. Clever business entities are using Kraft-based packaging boxes made from recycled material to counter this problem. The material of these boxes can disintegrate without any help. Moreover, this disintegration does not result in harmful gases and chemicals. Custom printed kraft boxes are environmentally safe and preferred.

2. Custom kraft packaging boxes help save money

Custom kraft packaging boxes do not require virgin material. The use of these boxes reduces the cost of material and its processing considerably. Cardboard-based custom kraft packaging boxes have different shapes and dimensions according to the needs of the products and the company. How the clients want their products advertised also plays a significant role in determining the layout of these boxes.

Some brands are troubled by shoplifting. The packaging companies develop anti-theft boxes in Kraft material for such companies. These boxes have interlocking flaps and unique shapes that are difficult to open and hide in the clothes and folds. The reduction in the cost of the boxes brings down the cost of the order as well. Kraft boxes are added with finishes like pull-out ribbons, personalized stickers, and customized ribbons to augment their appeals and add value.

3. Kraft packaging boxes are personalized according to industry needs

Kraft packaging boxes differ according to industry requirements. Those required for packaging candles and premium gifts are very different from the Kraft packaging boxes for jewelry items. Most candle custom Kraft packaging boxes have layouts that allow them to stack them on top of each other. Jewelry item boxes have internal separators and dividers. They are made from foam, cardboard, and other related materials.

Jewelry boxes are provided with mini cushions for displaying necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Jewelry boxes also have a window-patching add-on which allows the customer to stop looking at the displayed products without opening the box. the rustic appeals of the Kraft boxes make them an ideal choice for the organic brands in the modern world. There are several premium handmade soaps and bath bombs that use this kind of retail packaging. The custom printed kraft boxes for cupcakes match their themes in vivid colors.

  • Less prone to germs

They are ideal for packaging food items as Kraft material is bonded and mold into a box at a temperature of more than two-hundred-degree Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the material becomes free from salmonella and other pathogens. The recycled material is sanitized before being processed. Because of this reason, Kraft boxes are used for ready-to-deliver food items like pizzas, cupcakes, burgers, etc. The airflow keeps these boxes well-insulated and free from moisture.

Ordering custom Kraft boxes

It is time to select the best custom kraft boxes for your brand, which caters to all its retail and packaging goals and objectives successfully. Order today from ClipnBox, a California-based printing, and packaging company that excels at designing and crafting great custom cardboard boxes.

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